The Coquille Indian Tribes Interaction with the Oregon State Government

Originally thought to be extinct in 1954, the Coquille Indians have had very little, if any interaction with the State of Oregon over the past twentieth century. Because of this lack of interaction, the Coquille have become an independent tribe formulating their own Tribe Council and Government.

The Coquille Indian Tribe uses Committees as a means for Tribal Council to assist with the Tribe’s responsibility of providing services to its members and provide advice on programs and/or projects the Tribe is developing. Committees are created by Tribal Council to act in an advisory capacity identifying needs of the Tribe and recommend courses of future action to resolve the needs. Committees work with CIT staff, and on some occasions, outside organizations on matters related to the Committee’s duties. Established committees for the tribe include that of:

1. CHC Safety Committee

2. Cemetery Committee

3. Culture Committee

4. Education Committee

5. Elders Committee

6. Election Board

7. Emergency Preparation & Disaster Mitigation Committee

8. Enrollment Committee

9. Fish and Wildlife Committee

10. Health Advisory Board

11. Political Committee

12. Realty Committee